Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Letting Go...

Every year Spring does eventually arrive. And, at the risk of sounding a bit cliché, it really does (for me) provide reminders of rebirth, renewal, and regeneration. To me, Spring feels similar to the way Friday afternoon feels every week. On Friday afternoon I always feel a bit of excitement at having a whole weekend before me. I think about all the things I could do, should do, and want to do.—Spring is a bigger dose of this kind of creative potential. I think about having five to six months of gentle weather, singing birds, and freedom to travel about more easily. I also always think about all the things I can do differently in this time of rebirth.

This year I’m using Spring to clean closets one day a week with a dear friend who is really good at letting go of things; she’s far better at it than I am. She balances out my pack-rat tendencies and reminds me that, if I haven’t used something in a while, letting it go back into circulation to serve others is a wiser decision. She repeatedly and gently asks “When did you last use this and do you really need it anymore?”

On Saturday my husband and I took a truck load of stuff to a second hand store and letting go of it all felt good! It made me ready to do more! Admittedly, the process of sorting and deciding what stays and what goes is a challenge. But having some empty spaces in my closets feels like fresh air filling my lungs! And, of course, this makes me consider the symbolism in all of this and how this would feel on a more internal level.

If having empty spaces in my house is refreshing, how much more refreshed will I feel as I continue the process and let go of all of my internal build up? As I analyze my fears, my sadness, my wounds that I’ve kept in the closets and shelves of my heart, I now ask myself the same questions. “How does this serve me and do I really need it anymore?” Using this time to review, forgive, and release seems like another level of freedom that I can give to myself.

Boxing things in closets or barricading them in our hearts and minds does the same thing. It adds up to overload and exhaustion. We were never meant to carry millions of pounds of excess stuff in our lives or in our hearts. Clean closets and hearts that have forgiven open the way for fresh air, renewed hope, and creative potential. Letting go of stuff, whether it’s internal or external is like renewing our focus, rebirthing our environment and rejuvenating our outlook. What a great way to welcome Spring!

I hope you consider doing some letting go of your own stuff, both internal and external and see how good you feel!!



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